multinational fueling s.l.

We are a fuel bunkering agency wholly owned by Lantimar Yachting


Multinational fueling

Global fuel prices fluctuate on an hourly basis and trying to find the right deal for your vessel can be a frustrating and time consuming process. This can affect the commercial market as well as the charter market in varying ways as other influences outside the sector can go unnoticed by the busy Captain or owner.

Multinational Fueling S.L. have a wealth of experience in the fuel market due to it's long term involvement with Cruise Liners and Navies around the world. We specialise in bunkering and lubricants and will find you the best market price at all times, any where you are, or any where you plan to be.

  • Bunkering - We deliver economy and quality
  • Lubricants - Delivering the right oil for top results
  • Worldwide - Dedicated bunker experts in most countries

our suppliers

"MNFS (wholly owned by Lantimar) has direct accounts with the suppliers for most of the world's leading companies,
and does not go through brokers, thus keeping the overall costs down.
Special rates for 'Global Services' customers.

our services

With the right locations, the right suppliers and the right personnel, we optimise the timing of
your fuel and oil purchases guaranteeing you a profitable margin on your passage making plans.
Contact our multilingual team 24 hours a day for information on bunkering and lubricant solutions.


Bunkering Management

Reducing fuel costs and maintaining availability and quality are the most important aspects of our operation.
A long term history with cruise companies and World Navies allows us to be competitive and efficient when dealing with any size shipping.


Oil Delivery

Our worldwide contacts ensure that the lubricant delivered to your vessel is of a correct standard for your vessels complex machinery.
We advise on any discrepancy in products or product names between countries.


Fuel Analysis

Safeguarding your systems against contaminated fuel is an arduos task that must be undertaken with dilligence and regularity.
We can organise ISO standard fuel and oil analyses in many of the major ports around the world.


Route Management

To optimise your your passage making, route management plays an all important role in the daily running onboard. We advise and maintain route management strategies to maintain the efficient running of your vessel.

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